Greywing and IINO Lines will Co-Create to Streamline Crew Change Operations

14 JUNE 2023, SINGAPORE/JAPAN - IINO Lines, a renowned global chemical carrier based in Japan, listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange [9119:TYO] is tapping on Greywing’s maritimetech expertise via a new strategic partnership to co-create new solutions for crew changes.

author Greywing Team

Greywing Team

Published on 14th Jun 2023

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The collaboration will drive significant advancements in crew planning and management, thereby enhancing efficiency and improving the overall experience for seafarers.

"In IINO Lines we found a co-creation partner that we were in harmony with, who had a similar view of how digitalisation might be brought into the maritime industry. We did not actually have the tool they needed and we had to build it from scratch. We could see widespread demand for better technology in the crewing industry surrounding crew matrix planning and it made sense to develop this for our wider customer base. Our experience of partnering with IINO has been through engaged weekly meetings, responsive feedback and a sense that they value us as a strategic partner in helping them develop their business. They are an ideal partner and we look forward to further mutual innovation projects together," said Nick Clarke, CEO and Co-Founder of Greywing, a leading provider of maritime technology solutions that seeks to automate Crew Changes.

As part of this partnership, Greywing and IINO Lines have developed a bespoke Crew Matrix Planning tool designed specifically for chemical, CPP and crude carriers. This innovative solution will automate crew planning processes up to six to twelve months out in line with Oil Majors and charterer requirements, as well as optimise for crew chemistry, training, experience, holiday schedules, and more.

A first look at the tool was showcased at the Maritime Expo hosted by Plug and Play Ventures in Antwerp, Belgium on the 13th of June. The joint presentation with IINO Lines provided an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the new solutions to maritime industry leaders, investors, and enthusiasts. Watch a snippet of the presentation here.

Crew changes are a critical aspect of the maritime industry, and inefficiencies in crew planning can lead to significant operational challenges, financial implications, and most importantly, impact the well-being of seafarers. With this partnership, Greywing and IINO Lines are committed to addressing these challenges head-on and driving positive change within the industry.

This collaboration marks a transformative milestone in crew planning and management within the maritime industry. Together, we are revolutionizing the future of crew operations and setting new standards for collaboration in the maritime ecosystem."

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